By seeking counseling services you have taken a significant step toward addressing concerns in your life. For changes to take place in life, it typically requires some effort on your part. In counseling, this effort may take the form of in-depth discussions, homework assignments, reading materials, and the like. There are no instant solutions or quick fixes that will bring about lasting change that you seek. Changes in life may take some time and a lot of effort, but with commitment to work through the process of transforming your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – change can really happen!

I believe mankind was created for the purpose of experiencing meaningful relationships with God and others. Man can know this from what is said in the Bible, a guidebook from God to help man navigate through all aspects of life. Any person can experience true love, joy and peace by living out of the realization that one’s personal security and significance can only be met within a relationship with God. Thus, I take an integrated approach to counseling by blending Biblical principles along with sound scientific and clinical insights from the study of psychology, into a comprehensive understanding of man’s nature as well as healthy ways to respond to the world that we live in.